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Marshall Rosenberg’s Online Course on Nonviolent Communication
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Would you like to live more peacefully with yourself and with the people around you?

If you answered yes, then we would like to invite you to The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course.

Nonviolent Communication helps you resolve your deepest conflicts within yourself and with others through the power of empathy. There are times when we find ourselves resorting to criticism, insult, and blame when trying to resolve conflicts, which only leaves everyone hurting, angry, or depressed.

By joining The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course, you can finally transform yourself and difficult situations positively by learning how to focus more on treating people with a more profound respect.



Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Only Online Course

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg pioneered and developed the process of Nonviolent Communication. While he is no longer with us, his spirit lives in this training course that he personally created. It contains over 10 hours of his rich and deeply insightful lessons, which he formed through four decades of teaching people all over the world how to handle conflict peacefully.

In addition to that, you will be able to further deepen your experience through a prerecorded bonus Q&A session with compassionate communication expert John Kinyon. He will help guide you along the way towards making Nonviolent Communication an integral part of your everyday life.

The entire course is structured in a way that will help you not only understand what Nonviolent Communication is, but also make it second nature to you. It begins by showing you how to become more compassionate towards yourself so that later on you may treat others with the same level of empathy.

Little by little, you will see yourself letting go of your instinct to judge; begin to recognize your feelings when you’re ashamed, guilty, angry, or depressed; and identify and then meet the unmet needs that lie underneath those feelings. These steps will allow you to be more mindful when faced with conflict and treat everyone with empathy so that all may leave enriched rather than hurt.

As you go along, everything that you learn from this course will provide you with a lifetime of guidance that will help strengthen your resolve to address conflicts nonviolently with all of the people in your life.



A Quick Look at The Nonviolent Communication Course

The nine sessions included in The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course take you through a profound and insightful journey that transforms you from within so that you can connect with people with more compassion and empathy.

Here’s a quick overview of the course:

  • Session One: Origins of Nonviolent Communication
  • Session Two: Applying NVC within Ourselves
  • Session Three: A Radically Different Kind of Honesty
  • Session Four: Empathically Connecting with Others
  • Session Five: Meeting Our Needs in Intimate Relationships
  • Session Six: Experiencing and Exercising Authority
  • Session Seven: Healing, Mediation, and Reconciliation
  • Session Eight: How NVC Supports Social Change
  • Session Nine: Living Compassionately with Celebration and Gratitude


Bonus Content to Further Enrich Your Experience

Aside from the audio sessions and online workbook, The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course will also give you access to additional content designed to help you practice Nonviolent Communication, help make the entire experience a more enriching one for you, and make treating yourself and others with empathy an integral part of who you are.


Bonus #1: Nonviolent Communication Training Cards
You will receive seven printable PDF training cards to help you more easily put the principles of Nonviolent Communication into practice.


Bonus #2: NVC Toolkit
Five video recordings created by the NVC Academy take you on a deeper journey towards learning how to communicate nonviolently. The bonus videos cover the following:

  • How to apply empathy in various everyday situations
  • Simple techniques for self-empathy that you can use to remind yourself to stop, take a breath, and be more mindful of what’s going on with you and around you
  • Examples of how you can express yourself honestly with Nonviolent Communication in a variety of everyday situations that involve your children, family, partner, and colleagues
  • Demonstrating different types of requests and showing you how you can change the dialogue dramatically by changing the request
  • Full conversation role playing that you can use to practice this form of communication in your everyday conversations


Bonus #3: Prerecorded Video Q&A Session
Prerecorded video Q&A session with certified Nonviolent Communication instructor John Kinyon. Gain better understanding of Nonviolent Communication from one of its foremost experts and find out how you can make it a part of how you think, act, and speak.


What other people says about this online course

I absolutely love this program. It is so much more than what I expected. I love how slowly Marshall Rosenberg speaks because it enhances the experience of listening to what he is really saying. This has already helped me so much with my relationships with others and with myself. I never realized how my anger was a sign of my own deep needs not being met. Now I can stop judging myself. I am filled with gratitude for these teachings. 🙂
– Rebekah R.


This was such a great opportunity to receive the training from Marshall Rosenberg himself.
– Paula Sites


My husband and I are so very grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from Marshall in this course. The knowledge and skills we have taken from this are an invaluable gift we hope to pass on to others. NVC is the language of the future!
– Sue A. Wagner