DVD > Science of Miracles [DVD] [NTSC] by Gregg Braden

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Commentaires sur le DVD
I just watched The Science of Miracles and really enjoyed it. I would recommend purchasing it if you want to know more about the science behind prayer, healing, quantum physics, non-locality, connections with others, law of attraction, etc. I have read most of Greg’s books cover to cover and enjoyed seeing him tell some of the stories I have read about in his books. He also speaks on new information and touches on subjects in quantum physics, DNA research, non-locality, water crystals, and healing. He cites several scientific studies and allows us to observe a wondrous healing event too. While Greg’s prodution could have been a bit better as some other reviewers noted below – the reason I purchsed this DVD was not for fancy graphics, or production settings. What I wanted and needed was the information within the DVD and I truly enjoyed the chance to see Greg B. present it.

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