Yantra and Mantra Retreat – English language

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Quand :
2018-07-13 – 2018-07-19 Jour entier
Où :
Grempoli Retreat
Via di Uscioli
7, 50065 Pontassieve FI

Du 13 au 19 juillet 2018.
Mantra and Yantra are tools of Tantra. They represent sound and form and the combined use of these tools aims to focus the mind and to expand the awareness.
The created symbol then becomes a vehicle through which we can deepen our understanding of the more subtle layers of the mind.
This retreat will focus on the creation of the Gayatri Yantra.
Gayatri is the mother of all mantras. She is the mantra of the sun, also known as Savita, or Savitri, she is the light of inspiration and spiritual wisdom, the symbol of spiritual consciousness.

The Gayatri mantra is of great significance in the Vedic and Tantric traditions and she is a metre of 24 syllables.
Gayatri is the body and the mind, the elements, the pranas (energies) of the body, the rising and setting sun, the seven realms of consciousness and the full expression of all aspects of consciousness.

Explore Gayatri with all senses – in her various aspects

This long retreat will offer time to go deep into one’s practice and immerse oneself in the peace and vibrancy of the Grempoli venue. We will practice karma yoga daily, live and eat together and have space for local walks and periods of silence and reflection. Language: English

During this workshop through various techniques, the prana shakti (energy) of Gayatri will be experienced on every level and in every action. We will aim to tune ourselves to her frequency, to offer ourselves, to open ourselves up to receive her light and bringing the light of her consciousness into our awareness.

The retreat will include:
• Daily Asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditationsessions to explore this presence in the body and the mind.
• Chantingand writing of the Gayatri mantra
• Drawing and painting of the Gayatri yantra (and maybe others!)
• Meditation and reflection on the elements or tattwas in the body and mind
• Karma yoga and periods of silence (mouna)
• Havan – fire ceremony.

No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary but it would still be useful! Materials will be provided, but if you have your own, please bring them.
Below is a suggested list:

Compass – for drawing, not direction
Ruler – 30cm long
‘H’ and ‘HB’ Pencils
Eraser – white one
3 sheets of Cold Pressed 140lb watercolour paper – A3 size approx
A folder or similar to transport the finished paintings
Watercolour paints or gouche – at least red, yellow, blue, there will be paint available to use
Brushes – at least a fine one and a wider one, numbers 00, 2, 3, 5 are all useful


Where: Nestled in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Grempoli is 45 minutes from Florence airport, and 30 minutes from the centre of Florence (easy bus ride from Pisa airport).

When: The retreat will be held from 13th to 19th July. Arrival is by Friday 13th afternoon, finishing on Thursday 19th lunchtime, 1pm.

Who: led by Sannyasins Brahmananda and Antarshuddhi

Accommodation and meals: Accommodation is in comfortable, mostly shared rooms (up to three occupants), with shared bathrooms. Meals are home-cooked, simple, nutritious and vegetarian, using local ingredients.

Cost of retreat: Food, accommodation and teaching (including material) €590 -Early bird €550 if booked before 31st May 2018.

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